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Alicia S. from Douglas N.B.

Top Full 18"

When my Trichotillomania got really bad over the past year I felt like there was no hope and with functions to attend and my own wedding, my stress was at an all time high.  The thought of a wig made me uncomfortable because I felt it would be too much on me.  I decided to splurge on my first human hair topper, Jon Renau Top Full and I couldn't be happier with it.  The moment I put it on I felt a piece inside of me that I hadn't felt for over 10 years...felt like myself again and had tears in my eyes about how realistic it was.  I felt like the old me again, and to be honest I had forgotten what that was like.  I showed my mother and the first thing she said was "you look like you again"...I am so thankful for this topper and Maureen's help.


 Diana M. from West Kelowna, BC

Top Billing

LOVE this topper (Top Billing by RW)!  Exquisitely made, a beautiful colour (Shaded Biscuit) and very natural in appearance. I am very impressed by the service  you provide.  Beautiful hair improves one’s self-esteem; and no more excuse for “bad hair days”! Many thanks for all you do.


Christina B. from Edmonton, AB

Top Full 18"

My experience with Love My Hair has been great so far. Maureen’s customer service is so responsive and personal it’s nice to know you’re engaging with an actual human who cares. Love the Ron Renau toppers and will definitely be a repeat customer.


Marie-Doris P. from Rimouski, QC


Hello everyone, I just received my Night wig by Ellen Wille in the color chocolate mix .... Wow, I'm really not disappointed, this little piece is beautiful, nothing to do with it, I have only peeled off the hair at the root of the parting with steam for a more natural look and ready to wear ..... the manufacturer's photos do not do her justice she is much prettier .... thanks to Maureen for the excellent follow-up and the very good service ..... Love my hair is my favorite selling site!


Morgan Marie D from Vermont USA


I had the greatest experience ordering my newest wig online from Love My Hair!!! Not only did the owner respond super fast to my emails asking a few questions, but she ended up going above and beyond in her customer service and really helped me out a ton which was just sooo refreshing for a business owner to do these days! :) I absolutely looove my wig, it looks AMAZING and I’ve had wigs from a few different companies now so I can say with confidence that Love My Wig is the best place to get a great deal on an absolutely gorgeous wig!


Krista L from Halifax NS

Marion & Mila

Amazing!! I just received my Mila and Marion yesterday. I took a chance as I'm a brunette and I ordered 12FS8 (all the Jon Renau peeps out there will know what I mean) and they are both FAB-U-LOUS! I bought Marion on a whim because she was on sale and I'm so happy I did!! Of course, Mila was as beautiful as I thought she'd be. Maureen is a gem and a delight. If you like wigs you have to check out this store!


Marie-Doris P. from Rimouski, QC

Textured Fringe Bob

I received my new '' Textured Fringe '' wig from Hairdo .... It is absolutely fantastic, the style is superb, a nice little haircut for the coming summer, the color is really beautiful too '' R10 '', really cute and the price is very good .... Thank you very much to Maureen who is really very professional, I love her website and the very good follow-up ... I am very satisfied ..... again thank you very much Maureen!


Wendy K. from Ottawa, Ontario

Opening Act | Raquel Welch

Kris | Jon Renau

Thank you Maureen for spending the time with us and explaining everything we need to know about looking after wigs.  I felt so much better about wearing a wig when I left.  I really like the wigs we chose.  Your set up is amazing and you made us feel so relaxes.  Thanks again.


Chloe G. from Ottawa, Ontario

easiPart 12” HD | Synthetic Topper

Excellent service & products! Maureen is knowledgeable, friendly & helpful making it a true pleasure to shop for hair pieces. With so much selection & great competitive prices, there is something for everyone. Check it out, you'll thank yourself.


Karen P. from Kanata, Ontario

easiPart XL 12” Remy Human Hair Topper

Working with Maureen from Love My Hair was a pleasure from start to finish. She was attentive, professional and took the time to ensure that I received the perfect piece (topper) - the outcome was incredible and I would highly recommend Love My Hair!


Lynn S. from Ottawa, Ontario

easiPart XL 12” Remy Human Hair Topper

Thank you so much for the one-on-one service you provided.  I was hesitant and maybe a bit shy to purchase a wig, but from the moment you opened your door to us, you welcomed us into your home and made us all feel comfortable.  I wore my topper to the function, tied up, and I don't think that anyone noticed.  I danced all night and was not nervous at all wearing it.  Thanks again for the great service that you provide!  I would highly recommend Love My Hair.


Tammy P.


The BOOSTnBLEND product works very well to cover the scalp area and lasts all day without any flaking.  It is easy to use and I do not think that anyone can tell that I am using a product on my scalp to cover the thinning areas.  Thank you!


J. from Edmonton, Alberta


Of all the concealer products I have tried over the years, BOOSTnBLEND is superior in its application and results.  It makes me feel secure should I get caught in a rain shower as it does not go green as other products - (the point, of course, is to conceal - not highlight!)  My 87 year old mother is very happy with her BOOSTnBLEND too!  It lasts between shampoos and is easy to rinse out.  She looks great!  Maureen, thanks for going the extra mile to ensure my mother and I received the colours we needed.  A solid product like this is such a relief for those of us with thinning hair.


Z.M. from Langley, British Columbia


Maureen is an absolute gem.  She really wants to help those with thinning hair and thinning confidence!  BOOSTnBLEND is a wonderful invention for people who may not yet be ready for a topper or wig.  The fibers look natural and stay in your hair, even in the most intense workouts.  Best of all, it doesn't turn green!  Thank you for bringing this amazing product to Canadians!


Holly B. from Oshawa, Ontario

Top Style 12" Synthetic Topper

The Jon Renau line is incredible.  Love My Hair boutique has fast shipping and very caring customer service!  I received my topper with tracking info too.  I own the easiPart XL, the Top Wave and now the Top Style!  My fave by far is the lush and full larger Top Style topper.  The hair texture is beautiful and the coverage is incredible!


Sheryl D. from Ottawa

Lyric Synthetic Topper

I came across the Love My Hair website while looking into topper hairpieces.  I met with Maureen after explaining what I was looking for and setting up an appointment.  I found Maureen to be very helpful and had options ready for me when I arrived.  She was forthright and knowledgeable, and I came away with a lovely topper that is just what I was looking for.  I would recommend Maureen if your shopping for wigs. Also if you have thinning hair, as I do, check out the product Boost and Blend that Maureen stocks. An excellent experience all round.


Jean H from Sault Ste. Marie


I wore my new wig last night and was so pleased I had to write and tell you.  Well - part way through the evening I had to go and check in the mirror - my wig felt so light I felt sure it must have slipped off!  But - there it was - just as I set it earlier.  Never have I had a wig that felt so good!  No "bobble" at the crown - ear pieces at the correct place - and the fibre is so light and silky.  Thank you for helping me - I will surely call on you again for my next wig.  


Lola from Green Valley, Ontario

Avalon, Sonoma & January 

Maureen's shop is warm and inviting. She is so helpful and patient and takes the time to help you find the wig that is perfect for you! I had been to her shop with a friend who was looking for a wig and ended up purchasing a wig that I just could not say no to...and it wasn't even the style I was looking for!! On Mother's Day weekend I took advantage of the 20% discount and ordered 2 wigs online. I emailed Maureen after I made the purchase and told her I wanted to pick them up at her shop (as she is about an 90 minutes away from where I live) and she immediately reimbursed me the shipping. One of the new wigs wasn't what I wanted as it was longer than pictured and she presented me with a different wig that was just perfect...and the colour was amazing. She sold me the new choice....reimbursed me for the cost of the first one and I was on my way in no time. Her service, care and attention to your specific wants and needs (both online and in shop) are second to none. I will never go anywhere else to purchase my wigs in the future. 


Wanda From Barry's Bay, Ontario


I was nervous about shopping for a wig and just did not want to go into stores to look.  I am not sure why but meeting with you in such a personal and quiet, relaxing environment was exactly what I needed. I truly appreciate your kindness, knowledge and the time you spent with me to pick out a wig.  I still can't believe I had 2 hours of personal service to help find the perfect wig.  I have sent so much time this morning fiddling with the wig, trying it on etc.  I am not getting my cleaning done!! :) It is going to certainly take some getting used to but I really do love it!! Thank you so very, very much.


Kim from Ottawa

Winner Petite

Mom's wig came in today and she looks amaaaaaazing!  She loves it!  Fits great and looks great!  Thank you so much!


Alison from New Brunswick


I have been overjoyed with the Jon Renau human hair wig.  Thankfully my treatment plan is over.  This wig has allowed me to feel like myself again.  This is the first time in a year of treatment I feel like the woman I was before cancer and you helped me with your advice and time in selecting the right wig!  Thank you so much, Maureen!


Bonnie from London Area


Thank you so much for the wonderful service you providing in getting me my Posh wig.  You were so very helpful and I so appreciate your generosity in time and care.  My sister tells me that you have helped countless women with the issue of hair loss and cancer.  I hope you feel the reward of being so very compassionate for so many.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for so many!!